Athletics and People with Disabilities

There are programmes that people with disabilities can enroll for to make things possible, and make dreams come true.  There are active youth-centered programmes around the world.

Keeping active is of vital importance and will help for the confidence you need to face the world daily.  One other important thing to know about people with disabilities, is that mobility independence often extends well beyond the vehicles we drive.

Online purchasing

Online purchasing - Athletics and People with Disabilities

There is online purchasing which is easy, and you can have your desire and mobility before you know it.  Online stores sell everything from athletic equipment to wheelchairs and any other items that may be necessary to take part in sports for people with disabilities.


For disabled people with various emotions, music is ideal and very relaxing, which is good therapy.  Control of emotions and the ability to deal with different situations are important for athletes. Music can help to achieve this and prepare for sport training.


Transformation starts taking place once you can partake in a sport because this can help reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with disability. Many people with a variety of disabilities have successfully become athletes.

There are programmes available through different associations that support families and young people who want to become athletes. These programmes train and prepare athletes with disabilities to use what they have to become great at what they love.

Common Barriers

Common barriers for people with disabilities are negative self-image and a lack of confidence.  With the right support and guidance, this can be remedied and help to shape positive, confident, and strong athletes.  Extreme costs of living is also a huge barrier. Having a disability requires a lot of extra expenses to allow for independence and mobility.

Sport can be a great way for people with disabilities to find purpose and experience independence. Athletic programmes that support and promote sport among people with disabilities are making a great difference in the world.

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