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Marathons Information - Marathons Information

New York City Marathon

This is one of the biggest and most famous marathons in the world.  It has taken place every year since 1970.

Boston Marathon

The marathon in Boston is the longest tradition after the Olympic Games and has taken place since 1897.

Sahara Marathon in Algeria

This is the hottest charity marathon in the world and starts as an athletic adventure and ends with a lot of human empathy.

North Pole Marathon

Cool running at minus 40 degrees Celsius.  This marathon does not take place on the mainland.

Great Wall Marathon in China

Likely the most impressive race in China takes marathon runners on an amazing trip through ancient Chinese history.

Zermatt Marathon

This marathon is the most impressive event in the world, at least according to the Swiss people.

London Marathon

The London Marathon is also called the Virgin Money London Marathon.  One of the most spectacular and largest marathons in the world.

Big Five Marathon in Limpopo/South Africa

The wildest marathon in the world is like a safari adventure with a demanding course through the African savannahs. This event features both a Marathon and a Half Marathon distance.

Königsschösser Romantik Marathon (Romantik King’s Palace Marathon in Füssen

This is a secret marathon for romanticism fans.

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